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How to find us

There are two ways of getting to the island of Ano Koufonisi 

    Naxos, the nearest cyclade to Ano Koufonisi has an airport. The airport of Naxos JNX is located approximately 4km southwest from the island's port. There is direct connection with the Athens International Airport and with other European airports via pre-arranged charter flights. The trip from Athens to Naxos by plane lasts about half an hour. A taxi ride to the port is about 10’. From the port of Naxos there are many ferries or even smaller boats which connect Naxos with Ano Koufonisi. In addition to Naxos, other Cyclades such as Paros, Mykonos and Santorini have also airports with direct flights from Athens and abroad and  ports with direct ferry connection to Ano Koufonisi.

    There is a regular ferry connection between Ano Koufonisi and Piraeus port of Athens. The trip lasts from 5 to 8 hours, depending on whether you are traveling by a high-speed or a regular ferry. You can also reach Koufonissia from other islands of the Cyclades complex. From Naxos and Amorgos there is a local ferry, named Express Skopelitis, which departs for Ano Koufonisi and the rest of the islands of the Small Cyclades group almost every day.

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