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Explore the island

  • Ano Koufonisi belongs to the Small Cyclades complex of islands. The rest are Donousa, Schinousa, Iraklia and Keros. Thanks to its small size visitors explore the island on foot! It only takes 45 minutes to do the tour of Ano Koufonisi after all! Apart from the main roads, there are many trails which you can follow and allow yourself to witness little miracles such as tiny beaches and picturesque Greek churches.
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  • Alternatively, visitors could do beach hopping using small boats from the port to Pori beach which serve the public every hour. This way one could choose which beach is more inviting given the weather conditions!

  • Bicycle is also a very popular means of transportation on the island! Since there are no significant uphills, bike rental is the best way to enjoy the rides on the island and at the same time keep fit!
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